About the Elixir Team


We are passionate about our work and strive to give the best service possible!


We have been in our respective industries for over 5 years with constant improvements in our skills.


We don’t bite we promise! We are happy to help you with any issues.




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About the Elixir Team

The Elixir team is a group of passionate developers who were tired of expensive hosts, who locked you in contracts or made you feel worthless.

This is why we created Elixir, a hosting platform that offers you as a website owner as much control as possible for as cheap as possible, we are one of the few hosting providers that offer domains at wholesale values, most website hosting companies, and even many of the actual domain registrars put a hefty markup on their domains to make profit, we at Elixir don’t do this, we don’t make any profit off of domain sales, we do this to ensure that hosting is where our revenue is made and subsequently we strive to make the service as good as it can be.

Our team consists mostly of developers and server administrators, we don’t need a sales team or outsourced support, when you are asking one of our team about the service, you wont be getting a sales person who buffs up the service to make it sound better, you will get an actual, honest developer who will have pride in the system they have made.


Team Members

Connor Bulmer

Web Developer

Connor is the lead developer, he is the individual who manages all the software related to the servers and your service.

Taylor Bing

Systems Administration

Taylor is the guy that makes sure that the servers never go down! he is the one to thank for 99.9% uptime!

Adam Whiting

Technical Support

Adam is dedicated to helping you resolve any issues you find, working with Connor and Taylor to support our users and make the best service possible.

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